Dsc 0074Kerrie Bodendorf

Kerrie Bodendorf has trained extensively with MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann. She completed The New Science Hand and Foot Training in 2010, Full Melt Instructor Training in 2012, Advanced Core Training in 2012, and Melt Strength Module One and Two in 2012 and 2013. Kerrie has also been a teacher's assistant for Sue acting as a guide and mentor to many Melt instructors. Kerrie received rave reviews from 30 advanced Melt instructors at the Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah for her teaching style and expertise.

Kerrie has always been interested in healthy living, eating right, exercising and keeping mentally active. She spent years working out at the YMCA and various other clubs. She started training for 5K races about 2 years ago with the Couch to 5k program. Then she was introduced to Crossfit in the Spring of 2009. She loved it so much she decided to become a certified Crossfit trainer and turned her basement into a gym where she trains clients 5 days a week. She loved the weight loss and muscle tone she was achieving but always had chronic pain in her wrists, shoulder, low back and neck. 

One day while watching the Regis and Kelly show, she was captivated by the one particular guest, Sue Hitzman. Sue was showing them some simple Melt Method pain relief techniques using mini balls and foam rollers.  Kerrie was curious and ordered her treatment kits and foam roller immediately.  Kerrie’s pain began to dissipate with self treatment using the hand a foot DVD and some foam roller technique videos from YouTube.

The next thing she knew she was in NYC with Sue Hitzman becoming trained in the method. Since July 2010 Kerrie has been sharing these techniques with her friends and family and has been getting amazing feedback.

Scars are disappearing, cellulite and wrinkles are reducing, posture, mobility and flexibility are improving, pain is going away or gone! If you can make the commitment to yourself, you too can experience the amazing benefits that Melt has to offer!




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