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MELT Intro Workshops

Registration Required~ $35

 Registration & Cancellation Policy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Saturday Oct. 25th ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Sun Studios


New MELT Students please read:

New students are strongly encouraged to attend a  MELT Method Intro Workshop before beginning the ongoing classes.  The Intro Workshop  will introduce you to the terminology used during ongoing classes.  Familiarity with the terminology will greatly improve your class experience.  ~Registration is required~   Please arrive 10 mins early.  Bring water and wear comfy yoga-type clothes.  Try to drink water before class too.  See calendar below for other dates/times.  Please call, text or E-mail any questions and I'll get right back to you!  I'm so excited to share this amazing method with you and will try my best to accommodate any special requests. 

MELT Method Drop in Classes:

Drop in ~ no need to register ~ I highly encourage attending an Intro workshop before attending ongoing classes

Wed  Oct 8th 6:00-7:00pm LifeDance Studios Westfield
Mon Oct 20th 10:00-11:00am LifeDance Studios Westfield

MELT Method 3 Week Series:

Registration Required

Sunday Nov. 30th- Sun. Dec 14th

Sun Studios


Dance Fitness Ongoing Classes

Drop in ~ no need to register ~$8 per class $50 for 10 class punch card.

Check out my GROUPON!

Monday- Dance Fitness 5:30pm-6:30pm The Pilates Studio Agawam
Friday- Dance Fitness 5:00pm-6:00pm LifeDance Studios Westfield

Join me for a fun dance workout! Featuring music from 5 decades, Hip hop, Country, Disco, Pop, Rock, Oldies, this dance class will get your feet moving, heart pumping and calories burning!  This easy- to -follow class is great for new and experienced dancers alike and can be done at low or high intensity.  Every song has different choreography, there is very little Latin music. Must have dedicated indoor shoes.  Outdoor shoes will scratch and damage dance floor.  Do you have a fitness studio at work?  Kerrie will travel to your workplace to teach during the lunch hour.  Contact her for more details!


MELT Ongoing Classes
Drop in $20
5 class punch card $75
Dance Fitness Ongoing Classes
Drop in $8
10 class punch card $50
MELT Private Sessions
1 Hour $85
Melt Intro 1.5 hours $35
Melt Intro 1 hour $25
Hand & Foot Workshop $25
3 Week Series $75 plus one time equipment fee




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